segunda-feira, junho 04, 2007

ECLIPSE movements!!!

Hi there!

It has begun! The ECLIPSE is in this virtual space! :-))

Now you can find out more about Eclipse and it's ongoing activities ;)

Please visit

Yours truly,
Masterpeace Dude

segunda-feira, maio 21, 2007

The Light Force

May the Force be with me... Olé! :-))


terça-feira, maio 15, 2007

"El Espíritu" in me

"Cristo" - by Angelo de Mattia

"I'm aware that what ever happens to me now is that life no longer is something to be affraid of, but instead something we should really consider that is a beautiful thing to live for.
I'm only amazed to what is really happening to me now I'm looking for something I don't know how to describe. But sometimes in life we don't really say what is really on our minds because we think that people will say that you are crazy. The most important thing in life is to have FUN, FUN, FUN!!!"

How do I do it?
"Try to let go of your stupid but 'meaningful' thoughts"

I want to Be... Free... I want to be Me!

"Flying High", by Emily Eaton

Sometimes, I loose perspective...
Even though I know that "everything is good", I 'forget' that "everything is god" :)

So, what happens is that I think too much and I feel too little... and it should be the other way around!

This is my mission now: to Feel! To feel everything and to get rid of my "stupid but 'meaningful' thoughts".

Special thanks to the Magic Kingdom creatures, which are leading my way through the darkside of myself!


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terça-feira, abril 24, 2007


Enki Bilal - Tatoo Poster

quinta-feira, abril 05, 2007

Fourth dimension

3D projection of a rotating tesseract

"The concept of a fourth dimension is one that is often described in considering its physical implications; that is, it is known that there are three dimensions: length (or depth), width, and height. The fourth dimension is orthogonal to the other three spatial dimensions.

The cardinal directions in the three known dimensions are called up/down (altitude), north/south (latitude), and east/west (longitude).

When speaking of the fourth dimension, an additional pair of terms is needed. Attested terms include ana/kata (sometimes called spissitude or spassitude), vinn/vout (used by Rudy Rucker), and upsilon/delta.

The fourth dimension is often identified with time, and as such is used to explain space-time in Einstein's theories of special relativity and general relativity. In this case, the concept of an additional spatial dimension would be referred to as the fifth dimension."


quarta-feira, janeiro 17, 2007

Genie vs Wishmaster

Of course you remember the story about the Genie of the Lamp...

Well, I think it's in "What the *bleep* do we know?" that they explain a theory about the Genie always being seen as a huge figure up in the sky, saying: "Your wish is my command...".

The Genie is a metaphore for the Universe, who is always willing to fullfill all our wishes and desires, just by the power of Thought and Intention.

This is how the Law of Attraction seems to work. We just have to ask the Universe for what we want and 'he' WILL provide! He's a real nice 'Dude'! :-))

The 3 wish limitation is also a metaphore referring to our human nature, as we think everything is limited or that it could be more probable to come true if we ask only for a few things...

Example: When we wish to have the correct numbers for Euromilhões or the Lottery, most of people say: "ok, it could be the 2nd prize... that would be enough".

Of course the 2nd prize is a whole lot of money anyway, but the 'problem' is that sometimes behind that thought is the WRONG idea (in my opinion) that somehow it would be more probable to happen, if people are asking a little bit less than the whole thing...

We shouldn't be "poor" asking for our wishes... it doesn't make sense...

So, what I would like you to do is to use this post to comment your greatest wishes, without letting your human mind interfering... which means that you shouldn't 'think' if things are more or less probable to happen or if you are worthy or not of having those wishes come true.

Very important: don't think of what other people might think or even comment. You will easily see that that would impose huge limitations to your "wishing habilities" - has it happens to happen on our day-to-day lives ;)

Just ask for the most amazing thing you would like to happen in your life!!! And then, sit back and be prepared to receive it! We can be our own Wishmaster! Like Nike says: Just do it!!!

And like those other guys say: Smile like you mean it! :D